Morning meditation at Deepam Trust

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Thiruppananthal Block of Thanjavur District, Tamilnadu, India.

Thanjavur is situated in the eastern coast of the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. Geographically, the ancient city of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu is placed in between 9 50' and 11 25' North latitude and 78 45' and 70 25' East longitude. 

Thanjavur city is located in the district of Thanjavur, which is spread over an extensive area of 3396.57 sq. km. Thanjavur city is well connected with the rest of the district and the state by good roads and railway services. 

Situated beside the mighty River Cauveri, the city of Thanjavur is suitable for growing several varieties of agricultural crops. Thanjavur is divided into two different regions for its heterogeneous topography. 

The deltaic area of Thanjavur is perfect for cultivating crops like rice, paddy, sugarcane and coconut. This area encompasses the north and east part of Tamil Nadu. The southern and the western part of the state fall under the non-deltaic part of the district of Thanjavur and houses several important industries.

Deepam Trust is a grassroots development organisation functioning among highly under developed poor, women and children, dalits, nomads, tribes, beggars, oppressed rural communities and landless agricultural labourers. 

The organisation was started in 1995 by youth group members from dalit (the untouchables of the Indian society) humble families in the rural area to work for their development. We inherited this commitment through our life experience and oppression we experienced in our life. We the members of DEEPAM TRUST, determine to bring about dawn in the lives of our fellow men and women through our struggle and strenuous effort.

Thanjavur District
We are currently working with 120 villages in Thiruppanandal block of Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, India.

Deepam Trust is registered under Indian trust Registration act of 1882, Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of 1976 to receive overseas assistance and Income Tax Exemption Act under section 12 AA and 80G.

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