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Why Sanmarga ?

“Oh, Vast Great Light Your Compassion is Uncomparable !

We all know that the entire mass including animals, birds live with many a discomforts. The reason may be many and a few are like : hunger, poverty, ignorance, famine, flood, calamity, rulers fancy, war, murder, loot, arson, cheat, addiction, deforesting, exploiting the natural resources beyond limit or need, polluting the earth, water, air, etc. Space is fully occupied by missiles, nuclear weapons and so on. Seldom common man knows what is going to be tomorrow !
But are these the prime reasons for making the people to worry ?
“No, No” says a “GREAT SAINT RAMALINGAM”, well known as “VALLALAR” !  Then what is the reason ?
The RELIGIONS and its BIFURCATION of people are the prime reason !
Who is SAINT RAMALINGAM  ? Born on 05.10.1823 for humble parents, near Chidambaram, about 250 kms from Chennai (Madras), the southern most part of Indian Sub-continent. The then existing  status or circumstances of the subject was this : Hinduism – an amalgamation of six major sub-divisions like SAivism, Vaishnavism, Saktham, Ganapathyam, Kowmaram and Souram.
In Saivism 12 principal bifurcations are there in which six were acceptable namely Bairavam, Vamam, Kalmugam, Mavratham, Pasupadham, Saivam. The next unacceptable are Ulagayadham, Buddhism, Jainism, Mimamsam, Pancharathram, Battcharyam.
From this twelve and others brewed were Kabalam, Southrandharam, Yogacharanam, Athmigam, Vaipadigam, Nigandavadham, Nayyaigam, Vaiseshigam, Padhanjaliyam, Sangiyam, Siddhantham, Vedhantham, etc.
In Vaishnavism six systems were known as Yadhavam, Mayavadham, Hiranyagarpam, Ramanujeeyam, Baskaram, Thathvavadham.
Almost all of these have varna the 4 principal castes as per “Choolamani Nikandu”
VARNA: 1) Brahman – reputed, entitled to do rituals in temples etc.
2) Kshatriya – the Royal or Military caste
3) Vaisya – the mercantile – Traders caste
4) Sudra – embracing agriculture, artificers.
Still inferior casts termed as Sangara (the mixed castes) and its sub-divisions are innumerable !
The Varna (skin colour) – Globally also playing vital role are known as
Cacasoids – white / wheatish skinned.
Mangolids – yellow skinned
Negroids – black skinned.
ACHRAMA (Hermitagle): the Religions conditions prescribed for all 4 degrees  (in VARNA) or orders as (1) bachelor (2) householder (3) the state of a recluse who with or without his wife relinquish domestic life and live with leaves, fruits, roots and continue to perform his daily rites (4) Sanyasa, a religious mendicant who performs no Rites whatsoever and lives on ALMS (Yachagam – begging)
(Ref.: Ellis Wills page 124 – ACHRAMA as per Winslow’s Tamil – dictionary published in 1865).
ACHARA: The rule of a caste, performance of prescribed rites.
Sangalpa : Obeying the rule (a mere mental belief resulting from a Fanciful combination of ideas)
Vigalpa: confusion of mind
                Note:    Hinduism / Buddhism / Jainsism – originated from India.
                                Islam, Christianity – from other countries.
                In all religions – Divisions and Rules numbering in hundreds.
                Can these Religions and its bifurcations cause such a damage to the society ?
                “Yes, Yes” Says Saint Ramalingam (VALLALAR). Especially the principal castes keeps each man away in the society and even untouchability exist(a double glass system even in tea shops). Such bifurcations blasting off the peace of the mind of every human. This is not the will and wish of Almighty.His creation if you take: the legs- runs hither and thither, toils and fetch, food, clothes building house for all communities (sudra part in the body – let us assume – embracing agriculture). The stomach- through the mouth eats (procures the food) and converts it as blood and distribute it to the whole body (mercantile part of body). The Arms- and shoulders help to hang the bow and arrow in those days and now the rifles (Royal – military part of body) – the word Army is derived from the word arm) to defend the body or his country. The part above neck identifies food is here, enemy is there, chooses the teacher, converse etc.(Brahman).
                If all these four activities fights with the body, the life can not exist in that body. The blood flowing in the leg right now will flow to the head, in the next few minutes is what Almighty’s creation and we humans failed to adapt this concept in our society, instead he differentiated the activity based castes and causing the problems !
                Each Religions, sub-divisions, created their own circles, professors, teachers, guides, seers, mutts and they started governing / ruling that circle. They teach them that “this is your property / land / temple / worshipping place / rites and now others also availing it. So better you lock the horn with them and get rid of them and snatch it”. From the day the Religions and sub-divisions created, with the help of rulers, kings, mightymen the other religion or caste people were killed in thousands / lakhs (but these were not for food or poverty – just they wer other religion followers). Even seven decades ago Adolf Hitler killed how many lakhs of Jews ? why ? They are following different Religion. During that period in Japan Hiroshima and Nagasaki was bombarded by America and killed how many lakhs of people ? why ? They are of different Varana (the skin colour).
                All Religions do started with a chant base of kindness / benevolence / brotherhood; but the agents came thereafter in so many names and forms caused huge damage to human society, and destroyed lakhs of people.
                To find a way out, after world war – II, on 24.10.1945-United Nations Organisation (UNO) was formed. It was headed by all 3 skin coloured people and continue till date. But as on date Israel & Palestine, Iran & Iraq, Syria & America, India & Pakistan, Pakistan & Afghanisthan, North Korea & South Korea and a dozen such declared or undeclared wars are going on. What for ? Poverty ?  food ? cloth ? money ? No No ! Only Religion & Sub-Divisions are the reason.
                What UNO could do ? It’s power is much limited. It is not able to control or stop or create crisis through other countries to pressurise them and bring an end to the war. UNO is worried about it. It is concerned about it; but UNO knows it’s height, that is, its power is limited and hence watching helplessly. It joins hands with UNESCO, WHO, CRY like voluntary organistions and try to keep small small section of people happy, declaring one of the calendar days in a year as Valentines Day, Friends Day, Fathers Day, Anti-Tabacco Day, Senior Citizens Day and so on… Could it make any dent, the purpose for which UNO is created for ?
                Let the whole world join hands together & help UNO to achieve its main goal of ensuing WORLD PEACE. That is why all countries should give hand to hand with a smile instead of missile threat.
                 Where is the strategy ? a Great Man Born in India on 5.10,.1928 by name Saint Ramalingam. His works will work as strategy which is unnoticed  so far.  He attained Deathlessness and an Englishman the then District Collector of South Arcot, and IAS Cadre, visited the spot and released a gazette notification in 1878, saying Saint Ramalingam’s claim of Deathlessness proved in the small at Mettukuppam, near Chidambaram, Cuddallore Dist in Tamilnadu.
                Saint Ramalingam wrote many poems out of which 5818 are available known as THIRU ARUTPA. It talks about all subjects like, science, social reform, route to deathlessness and so on. One simple APPEAL he made to Almighty is not for food, weapon, boon, power, wealth or heaven which reads thus !


(by Saint Ramalingam)

“Oh Magnificent Vast Great Light” !

                From now on, for ever, the main hurdles of pure SANMARGA namely Religions, persuasion of those systems, routes, fanatics, achara, the rules of castes, performance of prescribed rites, sangalpa obeying the rules (a mere mental belief resulting from a fanciful combination of ideas), Vigalpa, the four principles of castes, acharama, hermitage the condition prescribed for all above 4 degrees or orders and routine worldly bond on mental belief and performing rituals should not embrace us is what we request you to grant Gracefully. The strenuous perseverance of pure SANMARGA is the esteem establishment of
                “UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD AND COMPASSION” among us, for ever, everywhere, in every manner and how little sover not to set aside but fully to be illustrated and Graced,
You the whole, unique, great crusader, oh Supreme Vast Great Light, Your Lordship’s Clemency we Adore !

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