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What is Sanmarga ?

To transcend all Religions’ – as the supreme being! Sanmarga – Sath-Marga – is a route for turning the body to immortal status, which is founded by Truth, reality, virtue, morality. Any Religion’s Ultimate is just Boarding into Heaven whereas Sanmarga is surpassing the heaven practically and the soul gets embodied in all atoms. When paddy crops were facing dryness Saint Ramalingam’s face and body desiccated. Sanmarga strongly advocates “Jeeva Karunya – Benevolent to all livings which will show the Real God, who is one, only one, in the form of LIGHT. Humans can attain ‘DEATHLESSNESS”, if one is benevolent towards all livings (If one has melting mind as of a mother at the sight of her child in distress) Never Hurt any Living Beings. Not to HEED Religions and its Allies, sacrificing animals are not accepted; flesh eating is not accepted; Benevolence is the key to open the heaven and enter merrily  and even surpass it. Possessing good manners, modesty discipline, morality are all activities towards Godliness !

So we plead UNO, the Governing Authorities sitting in power in all states and countries to declare ‘UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD AND COMPASSION DAY” which will do the miracle and unite the people to together, countries together breaking all barriers, divisions among them.

The ideal Calender Day is 5th October, since Saint Ramalingam born on that day and he is the  “only man attained deathlessness” in the world and hence without a demise date as certified by an IAS cadre District Collector, an English Man in 1878 AD.

                Let all Human Hail and Practice “ UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD AND COMPASSION DAY”.

Oh Vast Great Light
Your Compassion is Uncomparable !

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Benevolence, Equality, Absolutely Pure Body, Mind, Truth, High Morality

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