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Vallalar Saint Key Quotes

  • Death is our Carelessness.
  • Death is against our Nature Truth.
  • One who perishes biologically like others is never a Sutha Sanmaargi.
  • Our Eternal Home is nothing but our Deathless Physical Body.
  • An enlightened human is one, who is able to achieve his/her own Tri-Divine Bodies (Deathless Pure Physical Body, Grace Light Body and Limitless Intelligent Body); and all others are just a choice of nature.
  • Nature has been blessed to be all around you and inside of you, not for anything else, but only for your soul to rejoice in your physical body ceaselessly.
  • One who does not know how to conquer Death indeed knows nothing.
  • We are born here with everything we need; so act fast not to die, but to live forever with our own physical body.
  • Life depends on soul, but both depends on our physical body, and hence make it as your permanent home.
  • Fools only will say our physical body is a lie and will die, since they know anything but nothing.
  • Our Soul needs nothing in this whole universe, but only our permanent physical body/ Nythia Theykam.
  • One who wants to see God may not see HIM in many births; but, one who tries to achieve his/her Physical Deathlessness will surely see God in this birth itself.
  • Almighty God Himself never desires us to die, but to live forever, since HE loves to be with us forever.
  • Next second is uncertain; and therefore, begin right now to attain your trio-divine-bodies (Deathless Pure Physical Body/Sutha Theykam, Grace Light Body/Pranava Theykam and Limitless Intelligent Body/ Gnana Theykam).
  • What is the use of your birth here, if you are truly going to die?
  • Do you really want to die with all great divine gifts, such as Healthy Physical Body, Intelligent Mind, Compassionate Feelings and Grace Knowing? Try to know the purpose of your divine gifts.First of all, trust that you can achieve Physical Deathlessness, then you will surely experience its realism by His Grace.
  • Make known to all that Deathlessness is truly possible. Neither God nor I is needed to prove it, but your trust. With that trust, throw your cloth from your shoulder, and that will wake up a Dead indeed.
  • What is higher than your Deathlessness? So, make it as your first priority in your life.
  • Food, Sex, Sleep and Fear are the root causes for our fatal end. To conquer death, free yourself from all bondages to live fearlessly, and take up every care while having food, sex and sleep, particularly food and sex; and very particularly sex. May His Limitless Grace bless us with Deathless Blissful Divine Life!

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