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Annadanam is Mahadanam or the greatest donation in Hindu religion and is an essential part of Sanatana Dharma tradition. The food donation is not limited to feeding a human being but it encompasses all living beings Read more


Deepam has been helping, to the poor student’s education for the past 6 years. This was possible because of kind hearted support from those who feel the social responsibility and care for the society. Read more

Medical Help

Medical Help is extended mostly to the Dialysis patients who are very poor and their monthly income is very me agree. So far we have helped more than 10 lacs rupees towards medical help. Read more

Physically challenger

Deepam Trust – service provide for physically challenged people , Counseling and lot of activity Read more

Old Age Home & Child Home

We Service Old Age home & Child home provide for annadhanam Services & Counseling education service for children. Read more

Pollution Carbon Control

The green economy is defined as an economy that results in reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities, and that aims for sustainable development without carbon, resource efficient, and socially inclusive. Read more

Social Activity

We do lot of social activity our society, we main focus to service
பட்டினியில்லா…நோயில்லா…குற்றமில்லா… வளமான உலகம் படைப்போம். Read more

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