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Tears were rolling down his cheeks when my friend Bala (Balakrishnan), the Founder of Deepam Trust, Velachery, was walking down memory lane the other day. He was narrating how he became a staff at IITM. “When I graduated from high school with very good marks for a student hailing from Siruvalayam village in Vellore district, my brother that had to support (my father was no more at the age of 15) a family of four children was unable to fulfill my dream of going to college. My dream was shattered. He got me a job as a clerk in a firm Jothi Brick works for Rs.300, instead. Thus was my entry into the job world. That I wanted to study in college would have remained a dream but for the timely financial support I got from two gentlemen (Sri Srinivasan & Sri Sudarashan, Jothi Brick Works, Aminjikarai) who I remember with reverence almost every day now. . . Perhaps, God heard my craving and prayers and came in the form of these gentlemen. I completed my B.Com and then later went on to do M.Com & M.B.A. Today, I am in a very good position, working in a world reputed institute (IIT Madras) serving the faculty in their effort to impart the best education possible to the cream of the country. It was a dream come true"“
Now, having started Deepam Trust, he has been striving hard making sure hearts are filled with joy and stomachs don’t go empty. Every day they feed 300 poor for 8 years.
Deepam Trust, a Registered Social Organisation and its Activities:
  • Nithya Annadhana for hundreds of poor everyday for 8 years.
  • Educational Help for around 100 poor students every year.
  • Medical Help for the poor.
  • Vastra Dhana for children / old age homes
  • Rice dhana to the blind, handicapped families.
  • Help during Natural calamities - Floods, Cyclone etc.,

So Far Educational Help:

Total Students Benefited: 772

Total Amount paid: Rs.40,68,788/-

List of Beneficieries

2010-2011 | 2011 - 2012 | 2012 - 2013 | 2013 - 2014 | 2014 - 2015 | 2015 - 2016 |2016 - 2017| 2017 - 2018

“It’s a great opportunity for me and I feel blessed”, he says. He has never fallen short of inspiring me!
In 2009, Deepam Trust Educational Project was started & supported with books & note books to more than 1550 poor students with the financial support of good hearts.
In 2010, those students who wanted to equip themselves with job oriented vocational training (such as Diploma)/ Engineering were given preference for a token funding. Students who were from not well-to-do, mostly from a rural background were selected for financial aid – mainly going towards tuition fee for the year and study material. Thanks to generous financial support from the well wishers, Deepam could make a difference to as many as 75 students.

Ever since, this project is finding financial aid for those students aiming to get a vocational training – ITI, diploma and engineering and in need of meeting expenses related to college fees and study material. The number of students who received assistance also increased subsequently. In 2011, we supported 90 students, 2012, 115 of them, past two years about 80 of them. In one of those years, the funds collected and distributed for this cause exceeded Rs.10 lakhs. Deepam makes sure the applications for this assistance is well scrutinized before providing continued support to them. We wish to continue the effort every year. We hope to receive favorable consideration from you.
Even the little drops of financial support from each one will make the mighty need of supporting over 100 poor students. Deepam Trust is a Government approved and registered organization with 80(G) Exemptions under Income Tax of GoI.
DEEPAM TRUST, No.30, Droupathi Amman Koil Street, Velachery, Chennai 600 042,
Cell: 9444073635,Email :,

Contributions may also be remitted directly in our trust account
Name: Deepam Trust
Account No. 30265475129
State Bank of India, IIT Branch,
Chennai 600 036,
IFS code: SBIN0001055,
Professor, Dept of Applied Mechanics,
Dean (Students)
IIT Madras
Deepam has been helping, to the poor student’s education for the past 7 years. This was possible because of kind hearted support from those who feel the social responsibility and care for the society. Deepam Trust takes this opportunity to thank all the Donors who have been very generous in supporting this noble cause for the past few years.

DEEPAM’s Educational Aid for the past few years:
Year No. of Students  Benefited Educational Help
2017-18 108 Rs.5,66,012
2016-17 127 Rs.6,25,811
2015-16 87 Rs.3,54,920
2014-15 73 Rs.4,50,000
2013-14 85 Rs.5,11,860
2012-13 115 Rs.6,18,000
2011-12 97 Rs.5,67,365
2010-11 80 Rs.3,75,000

Every year the proposal is to select and support at least100 poor students, mostly from a rural background, and assist them with tuition fee payment for their diploma/engineering/degree courses. Providing financial aid to needy poor rural students is to help them to shape their career.At present, mobilizing finances for these activities are demanding quite a lot of time and efforts. This is possible with social responsible people and come up to give your shoulder to bear a part of it or fully financially, the beneficiaries’ (the poor) life and their generation will be good. The Donors and their Families will be rewarded by the God with Health, Wealth, Peace and Bliss for ever in their life.

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